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(HCH Liam Vom Matthiasberg x HCH Hildegard Vom Matthiasberg) Breeders: Lajos Mészáros, Monika Nyitrai
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Andi, Mador, Rebeka

My name is Andrea Leidl. I'm a dog-o-maniac since my childhood but we lived in an apartment and our circumstances and love for dogs did not allow us have my own dog. At university years, I got my first dog, a caucasian shepherd male Alex who is now over the rainbow bridge: he was my loyal friend and guardian for 11 years. Today the four-legged member of the family is Mador to whom I created this webpage. Among Mador Story you can read more information (two large male dogs' relationship, dog and garden, etc.) Our current topic is "child and dog", it is a real pleasure to watch how my daughter's Rebeka and Mador's relationship gets deeper and deeper day by day.

The beginning - or how a leonberger comes to a family

First time I went to a dog show was in 2002 with my girlfriend Andrea Tornyi (From Andrea's Siberian Husky Kennel) where her champion dog Exy was best veteran husky bitch, best veteran husky, and finally Veteran Best In Show. What a wonderful feeling! If I had once a show dog... but I wanted a huge, long-haired dog with gentle character towards children (thinking of the future). This dog is the leonberger.

In October 2003 I started to go to dog shows in order to find myself a leonberger puppy. I made photos at each show, and since I was there, it seemed to be a good idea to share the photos with the participants so I put them on the net and since to my pages and by now it became a summary overview of all presented leonbergers in Hungary recently (see Shows).

At the shows it turned out that the most successful Hungarian kennel is Vom Matthiasberg kennel: breeders of the year many times, dogs of the year at all categories, World and European winners / second / third / fourth places, champions, etc. I prefer the type of their dogs: huge powerful dogs with excellent head and a heavenly character. So I decided to buy a puppy from them, and voila the newest member of our family: Marzipan Vom Matthiasberg "Mador".


I would like to thank my girlfriend Andrea Tornyi for her advices, help and dog-o-mania like mine, Mador's breeders Monika Nyitrai and Lajos Meszaros for this wonderful dog and for their so many years of breeding work, dr. Laszlo Siver vet for his professional knowledge and continuous availability, and last but definitely not least my family, friends and colleagues for their support and understanding.

My services

My services include in Hungarian, English, French and Spanish languages:

  • Dog training (references: see on the page)
  • Therapy animal handling (references: see on the page)
  • Dog related presentations (references: see on the page)
  • Dog grooming (references: see on the page)
  • Ring secretary and translator at FCI dog shows (CAC, CACIB, Club) (references: see on the page)
  • Specialised translation for breeders and future owners


Please feel free to ask me any questions you're interested in (there are no silly questions!)


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