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Photoalbum for Marzipan Vom Matthiasberg "Mador"
Almost all photos by Andrea Leidl

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08.02.2004 - 5 weeks

M litter with mum.Mador in hand.Mador head.Mador sitting 5 weeks

28.02.2004 - 8 weeks

First touch.We are cute.Mador sitting 8 weeks

08.03.2004 - 10 weeks

Mador head.Mador and my 80-year-old Granny.Mador with his treasures

20.03.2004 - 12 weeks / 3 months

Mador and Alex.Mador and me having a rest.Mador and me playing.
Mador running.Mador still running.Mador with ball.Mador smiiiile

12.04.2004 - 3,5 months

Easter.Blossom tree

24.04.2004 - 17 weeks

I love you.We're playing

01.05.2004 - 18 weeks

First show.In motion.R.BIS at his first show

08.05.2004 - 19 weeks

Mador at Budapest CACIB.In motion with Jorgen Hanssen (DK).Mador with breeders and Mr. Jorgen Hanssen.Mandula, Marzipan (Mador), Mano (Lord), Matrix

15.05.2004 - 20 weeks / 4,5 months


23.05.2004 - 21 weeks

Varazdin (HR) show.Varazdin (HR) show Baby BIS circle>>

06.06.2004 - 23 weeks

Mador in Szolnok CAC show.Mador with flowers.Mador with flowers 2

12-13.06.2004 - 24 weeks / 6 months

Mador and Lord.Mador save me.Mador apport.Mador and ball
Mador and ball.In the Lupa lake.Mador apports better than a labrador retriever.Pécs CACIB

20.06.2004 - 25 weeks

Mador with Wilmla Kroon, Ben and Babouschka at the Hero's Square.Mador with Wilma Kroon, Ben and Babouschka at the Jak church.Mador with Wilma Kroon, Ben and Babouschka at the Széchenyi Baths.Mador with Wilma Kroon and Babousch.Mador at the Vajdahunyad Castle.Mador and Babousch.Mador with Wilma Kroon and Babousch.Mador.Mador in the Széchenyi Baths park.Mador and me in the Széchenyi Baths Park.Mador and me in the Széchenyi Baths Park

10.07.2004 - 28 weeks / 7 months

Mador, Matrix and the AquaToy.Szakács Andi and the leo gang.Mador, Matrix.Mum the babysitter (little Szakács Gábor).Double saving - Mador, Matrix.I love my teddybear

17-18.07.2004 - 29 weeks

Mador.MadorMador at Sunset Motel www.sunsetmotel.hu.Mador and sunflowersMador profile

24.07.2004 - 30 weeks

Debrecen Puppy R.BIS

08-20.08.2004 - 33 weeks / 7,5 months

Mador profile at sunsetMador and me on the postcardMador and me - my favourite picture>>

12.09.2004 - 37 weeks

Mador in Kecskemét.Mador at Kecskemét CACIB

19.09.2004 - 38 weeks / 8,5 months

Mador in Autumn.Alex, Mador  sit at home.Alex, Mador lay down at home.Attention.Intermediate group - Sit.Obstacle, hopp! >>

05.12.2004 - 49 weeks

Mador watching a swam at the exhibition area in Wels (A).Mador and me watching the river in Wels.Mador in Wels city.Mador at the Wels dog show in Austria

31.12.2004.-03.01. - Mador is 1 year old!

Mador is 1 year old!.Mador is 1 year old! - This champagne looks good....Mador in the Matra Mountain.Mador on the frozen St. Ann Lake.Mador and the little Church

16.01.2005 - 12,5 months

Mador in Nagytarcsa (H).Starts to look like a leonberger (posing for the ball) .Mador portrait in Nagytarcsa

05-14.02.2005 - 13,5 months

Mador at Budapest CACIB show - Excellent 1, HPJ Hungaria Prima Junior.Mador and his family: Liam (father), Mandula and Matrix (sister and brother) and Frida (grandmother)..Mador in the snow, in the garden .Mador in the snow, in the garden .Mador portrait.Mador looks like this when I sing to him

Mador running after Connie, at the Naplas-lake.Mador running after Connie, at the Naplas-lake.Connie running after Mador.Santa Mador.Mador and Connie with humans.Smart doggies

26.02.2005 - 14 months - Matrix, Connie and Mador at the Heros Square, City Park and Millennium Underground

Mador, Erzsi, Connie, Ági, Matrix in the City ParkRunning in the City ParkWe still can runWalked to the snowRunning in the snow

Good boys at the Heros Square.Mador and Matrix waiting for the Millennium Underground.Mador waiting for the Millennium Underground - stay.Waiting for the Millennium Underground.At Kodály Square - passengers stayed and smiled.Walked till Octogon (hexagonal "square" of Budapest).Matrix, Mador and Connie at Octogon

06.03.2005 - 14 months - Graz (A) CACIB

"Mador the therapy dog" (with unkown visitors).Aren't we cute?.We love you Mador.Mador at Graz CACIB (Excellent 1, Jugendbester)

14.03.2005. - 14,5 months - Matrix and Mador at the Citadella

Matrix, Mador.Mador and the statue.Mador.Mador and the Statue of Freedom.Mador and the canon.Mador and the Buda Castle.

Matrix, Mador.Matrix, Mador.Mador.Matrix, Mador.

Mador, the "therapy dog" at the Citadella

Mador the therapy dog.Mador and the Spanish group.Mador loved.Madort adored by everyone

15.03.2005 - 14,5 months - Mador and Alex at the Danube

Alex, Mador.Alex, Mador

19.03.2005 - 14,5 months - Clubshow

Mador.Mador with children.Mador with children.Mador with children >>

26.03.2005 - 15 months - first BOB title at MKSZ show

Mador.Mador at judgement.Mador in comparison for BOB.Mador BOB: we are happy!.Mador BOB (blue ribbon: excellent, blue-white ribbon: HPJ, medallion: BOB).Mador.Mador photo by ALEX, handler Timea Szalai

Mador 3rd Best German Breed.Mador 3rd Best German Group.Mador in Junior BIS circle.Selection for BOG >>

24.04.2005 - 16 months

Mador on our way back home from Nyíregyháza >>

07.05.2005 - 16 months - second BOB title at MKSZ show

Judge Csaba Pettko with Mador  BOB.Mador >>

14-15.05.2005 - 16 months at Szilvásvárad show and Bélapátfalva village walking

Mador.Mador with Judge Ms. Monique Van Brempt (B) >>

Vom Matthiasberg M litter.Mador.Mador in the Pine Restaurant.Mador at the Theme park
Mador at the Bélapátfalva Lake.Mador at the Bélapátfalva Lake, looking back.Mador and me at the Bélapátfalva Lake.Mador at the Bélapátfalva Lake.Mador and me >>

21.05.2005 - 16 months at Kiskunfélegyháza show - first FCI BOB for Mador, handled by his breeder Lajos Mészáros

Judge with Mador BOB handled by his breeder Lajos Mészáros.Judge with Mador and Gina.Mador with his BOB cup.Mador handled by his breeder Lajos Mészáros.Youth class males.>>
Comparison for BOB
.Comparison for BOB.Comparison for BOB.Comparison for BOB

22.05.2005 - 16 months at Varazdin (HR) show and Lake Balaton - second FCI BOB, first CACIB for Mador

Mador at the river shore in Croatia.Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador
Mador at Lake BalatonMadorMadorMador.Mador.Oh big boy >>

29.05.2005 - 16,5 months at Tiszafüred show - third FCI BOB for Mador

Judge with BOB Mador.Mador.Comparison for BOB - Mador winning.Norden, Matrix, Gina, Mador >>

05.06.2005 - 17 months at Tulln (A) EuroDogShow - Mador made Vice European Junior Champion

Mador, handled by his breeder Mr. Lajos Meszaros.Mador with his breeder Lajos Meszaros.Mador under judging.Good boy Mador.Youth class males.Youth class males

Mador and the Austrian landscape.Mador in Austria.Mador and Rainbow (in Hungary) >>

12.06.2005 - 17,5 months at Székesfehérvár

Mador >>

18.06.2005 - 17,5 months at Pápa jugded by Mr. Hans Müller President of the FCI

Mador.Mador running.Mador and me in Erkel motel garden.Mador in Erkel motel garden >>

18.07.2005 - 18,5 months

MadorMadorMador >>

30-31.07.2005 - 19 months

Dario, Mador, Matrix.Mador in McDo.Look at me.Mador likes strawberry shake.Mador at the Farkashegy (Wolfshill) airport (H).Get used to pingpong

07.08.2005 - 19 months

Mador.Mador.Mador.Beautiful car, beautiful dog.We love you Mador.Mador the therapy dog.Mador the therapy dog with veteran cars
Mador the firedog
.Firedog.Mador in the MERA dog circle.Mador in MERA dog circle.Mador in FCI Group II comparison

21.08.2005 - 20 months - Mador the "therapy dog" in the Budapest City Park, Hero's Square and at the @®© exhibition


Mador and the Portugese Tourist Group.Mador and the Portugese Tourist Group.Mador drinking.Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador



27.08.2005 - 20 months - Mador at Oradea (RO) show - BOB

Mador..Mador with me.Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador >>

28.08.2005. - 20 months- Mador at Debrecen show - BOB

Mador.Mador.Mador at the famous 9-pillar bridge.Mador at the famous 9-pillar bridge >>

10-11.09.2005 - 20,5 months- Mador at Kecskemét show

Mador.Mador >> >>

24-25.09.2005 - 20,5 months- Mador at the 2-day Arad (RO) show - 2x BOB,
Central and Eastern European Champion and Romanian Champion

Mador.Judge and participants.Mador.Mador

Mador the "therapy" dog


Mador the "aristocrat" in the Hotel Parc


05.10.2005 - 21 months - Mador in Tulln (A) show

Coming soon...

07.10.2005 - 21 months - Mador's "socialization programme"

07.10.2005. Mador on the János-hegy (John's Hill)


14.10.2005. Mador at Farkashegy (Wolf's Hill)


22.10.2005. Mador on the tramway


29.10.2005 Mador on the undergrand, walking on the Vörösmarty Square and Vaci Street

Mador.Mador Hotel Kempinsky.Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador.

30.10.2005 Mador in the Népliget (City park)


31.10.2005 Mador in the Bakony mountains with Liza


01.11.2005 Mador in Domonyvölgy

Mador .Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador

06.11.2005 Mador at Dobogókõ


24.12.2005 Mador at Xmas 2005

Mador, Alex.Mador.Mador

26-28.12.2005 Mador at Farkashegyen (Wolf's Hill) and Kékestetõ (Hungary's highest point, 1014 m)

Farkashegy.Benevár restaurant.Rodel-piste

Kékestetõ 1014 m - Hungary's highest point.Socialization.Ski-slope.Let's make a snowman.At the tower

31.12.2005 New Year's Eve - Mador is 2 years old!

It's snooooooow.Mador in the snow.Happy Bday Mador

14-15.01.2006 Mador in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mador in Ljubljana.Mador in Ljubljana Club show.Mador in Ljubljana CACIB >> >> >>

02 and 03.2006 Mador in the snow

Snow.Snow.At prairie.Subway.Deep Lake.Prairie.Prairie

08.04.2006 Mador in Makó CAC - 28 months - Hungaria Champion

Mador >>

04.2006 Mador in spring - 28 months

Sick Mador in Hûvösvölgy (Cold Valley).Mador in City park loved by Chinese tourists.Mador postcard.Mador loved by McDonald's employee.Flood tourism in Göd.Flood tourism in Göd
Fishing in Dunakeszi (all fishes thrown back to the water).Easter.Mador in the park.Mador in Nagytarcsa.Mador in Nagytarcsa with Lisa (4 months young German Shepherd).Mador in Nagytarcsa
Mador loved by DM employee.Mador at the Mélytó (Deep Lake).Mador at the Mélytó (Deep Lake).Mador at the Mélytó (Deep Lake)

06.2006 Mador in a new role - Rebeka is born


07.2006 Mador in summer

Paws pose.Mador.Mador with Jenny.Mador and Cecelia.Mador and Cecelia

09-10.2006 Mador in autumn

.The little family.Mador.Horki, the mops.Mador.Therapy.Mador
Mador .Mador.Mador.Mador at Family Center.Mador, Mandula.Mador, Mandula.Mador, Mandula

Mador and Coni playing (video, 4 MB)
Mador + Coni

Rebeka and Rebecca del Rosso Malpelo Cane Corso fromMajosháza Réme kennel
Rebeka + Rebecca.Rebeka + Rebecca

20.10.2006 Mador at Naplás-lake


27.10.2006 Mador at Hármashatár (Three-Borders)-hill


31.12.2006 Mador is 3 years old!



01-03.2007 Springy winter


Mador.Mador.Mador in the dog-friendly shoe shop  (Deichmann).Mador.Mador.Mador


15.04.2007 Pápa (H) CAC show: Excellent 1, CAC, BOB Best Of Breed!

Mador.Bíró: Kocsis Sándor.Mador >>

30.05.2007 From now on, Mador is THERAPY DOG in association with
Mancsos Segítõtársaink
Terápiás Állatok és Oktatási Alapítvány /
Helpers with Paws Therapy Animals and Education Fund


Mador.Mador.The Therapy Team

03.10.2007 Rebeka and Mador




21.02.2008 Rebeka and Mador playing with the sand


21.03.2008 Spring at the lake


21.03.2008 LeoArt (The dog stands, the baby stays in front of him. I contour their legs.
Then the dog lays down and we make his contour.)


07.04.2008 Zalaegerszeg CAC show - Champion class Excellent 1, CAC >>


12.04.2008 We are drawing


22.04.2008 Domonyvölgy with Leodania's Baez Beautiful Baez


08.05.2008 Put your sunglasses on


16.05.2008 Veresegyház with Carpathian Moonraker du Domaine de la Ponctuation


19.02.2009 Mador in winter


29.03.2009 Kanjiza (Serbia) show: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB >>

Mador.Mador with Cup.Mador.Mador.Mador


05.04.2009 Pápa show: Excellent 1, Champion class CAC >>


12.04.2009 Rebeka's new tent


02.05.2009 Grooming Mador


24.05.2009 Szolnok (H) show: Excellent 1, CAC, BOB >>

Judge with BOB.Mador.Mador

23.06.2009 In Marcali at Katalin Mácsai's >>


26.06.2009 Tác-Gorsium


27.06.2009 Juhászvári-Kedves Coni


11.07.2009 Õrbottyán


13.09.2009 With Mador at the Deep-lake


19-26.07.2009 4tappancs "My dog and me" lifestyle camp

4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp

4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp,4tappancs camp,4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp.4tappancs camp

27.09.2009 Rebeka is grooming Mador


04.10.2009 Szilvásvárad


31.01.2010 Rebeka, Mador and the Snowhouse - Mador is 6 years old


07.03.2010 In the garden at home


02.07.2010 Rebeka and Mador in the garden


21.07.2010 At the Luppa-lake


21.10.2010 Rebeka and Mador


01.11.2010 Rebeka and Mador autumn


04.12.2010 Excursion to Diósjenõ


18.12.2010 Happy holidays 2010


31.12.2010 Mador's 7th birthday at the frozen lake Balaton


2011 Mador pictures

Mador.Rebeka 5.Zanzibar rhodesian ridgeback.Zanzibar rhodesian ridgeback

11.2011 The Next Top Dog Model competition


Press video

Entry pictures

Mador portrait.Mador full.Mador free

First selection pictures

First selection video


Mador.Mador.Mador + Orin.Réka + Mador.Mador.Mador.Mador

Photos: Dezsõ Miletics professional photographer


Second selection photos: Csanád Kiss international professional photographer



Third selection pictures at the Óbuda Dog Training School


Photo: Miklós Bemer professional photographer


Mador video

Final pictures at Symbol Budapest Restaurant


Photos by professional photographer Alex S. Székelyhidi:


Photos by professional photographer Miklós Bemer
(have you realized that the last picture making was captured by Alex above?)

Mador + Banovics Marcsi.Mador + Banovics Marcsi.Mador and the Fans

Picture of Mador and the professional model in Blikk online, in the pictures galery
I like this picture because they walk in synch together...

Blikk Mador

Events in pictures video


Mador was primarily selected for NTDM Calendar 2012 by Photomarketing


NTDM finals summary video




2003.12.31. - 2012.03.16.
I am so sorry. We are very happy that you have been such a good owner for him. We are very proud of you. Take care of yourself.
- Breeder Monika Nyitrai, Vom Matthiasberg Kennel


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