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Groomer professional introduction

Any dog-related activity means a special pleasure for me, so after the dog training and therapy animal handler courses, I decided, in 2010, to finish the Dog Groomers Course as well. The state-certified (OKJ 51 621 02 0010 31 03) and EU-conform (EuroPass) course consisted of 4 theoretical modules (200 hours) and practice (300 hours). We received excellent background with CD-s, practice DVD and lecture courses, and the additionally purchasable dog anatomy practicing CD: Chapters From The Dog's Anatomy And Phenotype by Dr. István Szajkó, Institute of Country Development, Education and Consultancy of the Ministry of Country Development.

I practiced at the Csepel Dog Grooming shop (Táncsics Mihály street 33) managed by Anita Sinkó. The practical exam was held at the Szveti Dog Grooming shop, and the oral theoretical exam at the VM KASZK Agriculture and Forestry Speciality Secondary School in Piliscsaba. My dear neighbours trusted me their well-balanced and patient bichon havanais dog Zsomi for the practices and the exam, for which I am very thankful.

- Other personal services (dog grooming), FEOR registry number: 5319
- Other commercial services (trade dog grooming materials and tools), FEOR registry number: 5119

Dog Grooming Course Theoretical Modules:
1. Dog health, anatomy and cynology (Dr. Tibor Pintér)
2. Dog Grooming theory (Viktória Winkler)
3. Management basics (Csaba Bank)
4. Protecton of Work, Fire and the Environment (Szilvia Tajthy)

Dog Grooming Course Practice (Anita Sinkó):
- use of dog grooming tools
- use hair brushing techniques
- cut paws hair
- clear ears
- shave with machine
- health shaving
- trimming
- anal glands
- bathing
- dying dog hair
cut with scissors
- special treatment of corded coat (mats, flocks) - characteristics of the puli, komondor and bergamasco breeds

- breed specific cuttings
- practical dog psychology

- small animal cosmetics (dwarf rabbit etc.)
- etc.

After a lot of studying, to my greatest pleasure, the overall rating of my certificate is Excellent (5). I am especially proud that professor Dr. Pinter gave me 100% for the anatomy exam.

I would like to take this opportunity as well to thank all professionals who helped us in this course: specialists, lecturers and groomers, for their help, support and patience.