In Millie's training I have been focusing on playful training with positive reinforcement. In classic dog sport we participate at Obedience part, we don't do tracking and protection but when searching for truffle and marking the object, the dog uses the nose, or in case of sheep herding, the excitement and level of instinct is similar to protection.

K99 exams - BH exam and competition - Working competition

K99 exams

With the help of the Mirror Method, we have passed the Obedience level 1 and 2, and Tricks level 2 exams so far.

K99 Obedience level 1 exam (2012.12.02. Népszigeti Dog Training School) video >>
K99 Obedience level 2 exam (2013.05.01. Népszigeti Dog Training School) video >>
K99 Skills 2 exam (2013.03.03. Népszigeti Dog Training School) video >>


BH exam and competition

I dreamed of passing an exam which is known and acknowledged on an international level, this is why with my colleague and our coach Zsuzsa (Solymos) Szilágyi we prepared for the BH exam. Due to the uncertain local legal environment I passed the exam in Slovakia.

BH exam (2013.10.27. Most pri Bratislave SK) pictures >>
BH competition 3rd Place (27.10.2013 Most pri Bratislave SK) pictures >>


Working competition

However the BH exam was a competition as well, the first working competition in our lives was held in Salföld (H) in June 2015: the Ferenc Skobrak Memorial Hungarian Competition of Shepherd Breeds qualification.

Judge Ferenc Pischoff's evaluation: "Andrea Leidl and Millie did a beautiful, great job. I would like to emphasize the relationship between dog and owner. They made one team. Their work was so complex and harmonised that it was an example to all of us."

Working competition 1st Place (07.06.2015 Salföld) photos>>

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Field work.Receiving the prize.Receiving the prize.Ceremony

1st Place.Certificate

Hobby agility with Rebeka - they are good!

Rebeka, Millie agility

VideoMillie video: agility (Youtube 1:18 min)

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