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Borbala of Matrahazy

European shorthaired brown tabby cat (spayed female)

Estimated date of birth: 01.08.2011

Chip number: 939000010148925

Spayed on: 23.03.2012

The Beginning - The critical moments - Cat-Dog Friendship - Poem - At home

The Beginning

In October, the nights are chilly in the Matra hills. The kitten was wandering in the woods for days, hungry, exhausted. She joined two young hikers but they have not paid much attention to her: they stopped to have a chat with a group of friends then disappeared. The two families were preparing the grill in the beautiful forest behind the Pipishegy Airport. The three children with them quickly loved the friendly little animal. With one of them, Rebeka, she made a life-long friendship.

The kitten happily accepted 2 (!) slices of meat and almost half glass of water, then calmly waited until the humans finished eating.

Erdõ.Erdõ.Rebeka + Borbala.Rebeka + Borbala.Borbala.Borbala

The critical moments

To actually keep the cat, the first critical moment happened when I saw what a strong relationship has been built between Rebeka and the cat. Rebeka "bended her half", played with her (cat going on front egs, Rebeka holding the hind legs), she carried her etc., but against my expectations, the kitten's only reaction to all this was a deep "prrrrr" with contentedly closed eyes. (Of course when I saw what my little daughter was doing to that poor kitty, I immediately made her stop, but the kitten reacted first, and indeed very positively.)

The second momentum was when I saw how calmly the cat was waiting for us to eat, with no intention at all to go away.

The real decision-making warm feeling endulged me when Rebeka gave me the cat and she immediately started to prrrrrrr, loudly, with closed eyes, relaxed muscles, almost melting away in my hands, having such a good time.

The last momentum was her behaviour in the car. At first, we tried to bring her down from the hill to the village so that she can "find her way home". In the car we put the cat to Rebeka's feet, behind the front seat: first the cat jumped up in Rebeka's lap but we put her back down, and from then on she knew that was her place. Rebeka placed the cat by a tree near a lake at the end of the village, and started to walk back to the car, but they were sad in stereo: the cat miouwed, Rebeka cried and when the girl started to walk toward the car, the cat immediately followed her... Then it was crystal clear for ever that we can't leave her there. On the way back home, the kitten traveled around 80 kms at Rebeka's feet, unmoved, even asleep, she has not even thought of disturbing us, in one word, she behaved wonderfully.

So we had a cat.

Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála

At home

On Sunday afternoon, our first trip led us to Fressnapf shop since she needed food, litter tray, litter, bowls for water and food, and some toys. We bought everything needed and Borbala still loves the Whiskas Junior dry and canned cat food - maybe because "The cats would buy Whiskas" ... or because she starved so much...

Since they have developed a mutual hatred with Mador, and since I care for both of them (the cat's life and the dog's eyes), I decided to have the cat in the winter garden, of course when we are at home, she can come to the room with us. Through the winter garden window, they communicate nicely with each other.

On Monday the vet diagnosed her with mites in her ears (already successfully treated), and she has no microchip either, she received anthelmintic and later all vaccinations as well.

Borbala instinctively knows what the litter tray is for, she eats nicely, plays with Rebeka: she is ready to be a doll in her little toy pram, they watch tv together or play with each other, Rebeka is the doctor and the kitten is the patient - it's pure joy watching them. She stroke off some flower pots by accident but this is not a problem.

Borbala likes to be with me, she starts purring just at looking at me (!), she is ready to purr for hours in my lap. She usually falls asleep when I'm watching tv: the movie is over - but I can't move, the cat is sleeping...

Borbala fits in very well.

Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála.Borbála.Rebeka + Borbála

Cat-Dog Friendship

Borbala has been operated in springtime because I absolutely wanted to avoid unplanned kittens as the result of her freedom. After microchipping, reflecting safety collar and address holder, I thought I have done everything a good owner should have, so the day has come when she was first allowed outside and their relationship with Mille could begin. To my greatest pleasure, they are mutually interested in each other, show respect.

Borbála + Millie.Borbála.Borbála.Borbála


One evening I was calling her in vain so finally I decided that she should sleep outside, but then Rebeka tried it again and finally Borbala came home. To celebrate this, we have invented a poem:

The cat almost slept outside
Ash, Tash, Santa Claus
Stomach brought her back for night
Ash, Tash, Santa Claus
Rebeka has called her back
Bell was ringing on her neck
Ash, Tash, Santa Claus



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