Herding and helping the shepherd is the task of the (british) shepherd dogs for centuries. In the modern days now the expectations have changed of course but maintaining and developing the ancient instincts is still, in my opition, the cornerstone for the professional dog breeding.

Millie has a natural instinct for breeding. She is the first rough collie in Hungary who has passed the international herding test and has won her first herding competition!

Herding is a great leasure activity for me. We are ouside with my family, we learn something new together with my dog and it might even be successful!

Learn more on the below pages! Have fun!

Herding basics - Millie herding - Herding instinct exam - Herding working test - Herding competition

VideoMillie HWT herding working test video >>

Millie HWT (Photo: Polonyi Melinda - thank you)

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